Data Information Center(DIC)

HSHRC has planned to establish data resource centre in the division of M&E. Health program progress data is being collected from various division of health department and analyzed by using advance mathematical methods and statistical test to make aware whether programs are making significant change. These findings are to be shared with key stakeholders like state and district level health officers.

Analysis of Key Indicators (from HMIS Haryana)

HMIS data has been used from the month of April 2012 to March 2013 for all the districts of Haryana and analysis has been done on yearly basis. The analysis has been done for some selected indicators of health which are as follows:

  1. ANC services Index (composite index for ANC registration, TT-2/Booster, ANC-3, and distribution of 100 IFA tablet)
  2. Eclampsia cases managed during delivery
  3. Place of delivery
  4. MTP cases
  5. Sex ratio at birth
  6. Immunization index (composite index including BCG, DPT-3, Polio-3, and measles)
  7. Vit. A dose
  8. Load of OPD at the Govt. health facilities
  9. RTI/STI cases treated

For advance analysis of the above indicators various demographic estimations has been used.

Secondary Data Source.