e-Upchaar (HIS)



Computerization of hospitals across the State of Haryana:

In the state there are 54 General Hospitals 112 CHCs and 446 PHCs which provide a wide range of curative and preventive health care services. These institutions are providing treatment to 1.8 crores of patients in OPD and 1.6 Lacs indoor patients annually. Providing efficient healthcare services to patients in the state is the primary objective of the Department. Need was felt to put in place a suitable Hospital Information System (HIS) to act as decision support system for hospital authorities/management for developing comprehensive healthcare policies for the benefit of citizen at large. In absence of computerization it becomes difficult to manage the patient load efficiently.

Earlier in 2009, an initiative in the regard was taken when, Expression of Interest (EOI) in this regard was floated and 33 quotes were received in 2009. But the process could not be successfully completed.