Health Policy on Construction Worker


Construction Worker Scheme:

After a meeting was convened by Principal Secretary, Lab our, GOH for developing a comprehensive scheme for Building and other construction workers, the task for preparation of a proposal was assigned to HSHRC. The objective was to provide health coverage to the construction workers at their residence and work site and it was stated that the Haryana Building and other Construction Worker Welfare Board would be willing to finance such a project.

Construction workers are one of the most vulnerable segments of labour force. They and their families are more prone to High incidence of accidents, diarrheal diseases, tuberculosis, vector borne diseases, occupational exposure (COPD) and NCD’s like diabetes and hypertension etc.

HSHRC prepared a draft proposal after discussion with officers in the Health Directorate and presented before the Civil Surgeon conference on 19-9-12.  In the proposal it was envisaged that comprehensive Health services will be provided to building and other construction workers at place of their residence through by opening Urban Health Centres, and at workplace through Urban Mobile Medical Units (UMMU) that will provide all services of a small PHC, ambulance services for emergency cases, treatment at district hospitals and free treatment at tertiary hospitals. Funding was approved by Labor Department and HSHRC would provide technical assistance as and when needed.